In 1983, Daniel graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School and went directly to the Art Institute of Houston. After earning his degree, he returned to San Antonio to begin a career in graphic design. After two years in the corporate world, Daniel became a freelance designer with dreams of owning his own business.

During this time, a childhood friend’s sister unexpectedly died in a car accident. The family owned a small, successful business manufacturing ink, so Daniel volunteered to help the family with their business in their time of need.

Soon, Daniel became fascinated with ink and the industry of printing. The family had purchased a printing press to test their ink, but for the most part, it sat in storage. Curious how it worked, Daniel came up with a design for a t-shirt and began experimenting.

His first design was for a NIOSA (Night in ‘Ole San Antonio) shirt, which he submitted to the committee. Amazingly, the design was accepted, and an order for 2000 shirts was placed. With the help of friends and family (and trial and error!), the order was completed in a month.

Soon after, in 1989, Daniel opened up his business: 621 Screen Printing (named after his mailing address at the time, 621 Dewey St). On a very small budget of $800, Daniel purchased used equipment (in addition to fabricating some of his own). Slowly but surely, the jobs started coming in, which has now turned into a successful, well established screen printing shop.

Daniel would like to thank God, family, friends, the Bermea family, and all his wonderful customers for making his dream come true.